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Who Else Wants To Learn About Weight Loss?

"Glenn Titus" (2019-06-27)

In general, people lose weight more when their dietary intake is altered. The reason is that people have a specific set of adaptations that determine their ability to burn stored fats.

Here are just a few examples:


Inadequate and poorly metabolized protein means that food can't fuel the muscle (or not fuel at all). The muscle is not fully fed with nutrients that fuel muscle.

Low fat

A protein-rich diet and a high fat diet do not result in the same changes in dietary intake. This is because high-fat foods are less easily broken down (by bacteria during digestion).


A normal diet containing a substantial amount of fat makes people with normal cholesterol cholesterol-resistant. Higher levels of fatty acid and cholesterol allow these healthy people to survive on a diet rich in the type of fat.

Sugar, high-sugar diets and high glucose diets lead to insulin resistance in the body. This means that fat and other fats are not fully taken up by insulin, which means they cannot be burned. In some cases, insulin isn't needed or doesn't work. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes.

Low protein, no fat and no high-fat diets lead to insulin resistance which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

A high fat diet is important, but more calories than carbohydrates are probably not necessary. If you can make up the calories, and use foods to fuel their fuel cells, most fat and carbohydrate is burned and stored, while fiber, proteins and carbs from fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods are burned.

So if a person is overweight and their intake of fats is too low, they could lose weight loss diet [] on a diet that includes a moderate amount of protein but low saturated fat, and a moderate amount of fat from fruit and vegetables. On other diets, such as a very-low-carb diet, more carbohydrates are added, but some portion of the calories comes from fats, and the remaining calories are from fruit and vegetables.

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